Some types of Honey


This is our earliest honey which is a rich multi-nectar blend with a fine bouquet of scent and flavor. It is derived from a mixture of assorted nectars starting with the Maple blossoms in February up through the Tulip Poplar blooms in April and May. (It is the only one available in the Basswood section comb box.}

Mountain Sourwood

This is special varietal honey that is produced from mid June up through late July in the mountainous regions of north Georgia. This highly prized honey is very unique. It has its own special flavor that is indicative to the dense mountainous Sourwood forests of the southern Appalachians. 

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is one of the finest, least known honey products available. Unlike liquid honey it is spreadable like butter at room temperature and doesn't drip. The process of creating creamed honey involves precisely controlling the natural tendency of honey to crystalize. Our creamed honey is a mild tasting, smooth textured product that you will surely enjoy. It's great on toast, muffins, waffles, pancakes, in coffee or as a topping for ice cream or fruit. 


Creamed Honey can not be shipped from May through September. High temperature causes it to revert to the liquid state. Available at markets and pickup only. Call for details.

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Swarms and Removals

We love saving the bees! 

If you aren't sure what kind of "bee" you are seeing in your yard or house check out the site "What's Buzzin in My Garden?" (http://pollinator.com/identify/whatsbuzzin.htm)

Dances With Bees

Swarm: a group of bees looking for a home and is not living inside a cavity.

We will remove most low hanging and easily accessible swarms FREE of charge within our local area. This area is about a twenty-five mile radius, but we may travel further if the situation warrants. We do not destroy the bees, but instead house them in their own hive box and place them in a new habitat to do what they do best.... to pollenate our food crops and make honey.

Colony Removals (We are NOT currently contracting to do removals.)

Removing bee colonies from houses or other structures is a very sensitive and personal consideration for almost all homeowners. This is a very labor intensive service with a minimum charge applied per removal. This is not a free service. Structural features are professionally removed (temporarily and only those  necessary) to extract the bees. After the bees are removed all the house structural components are reinstalled in the manner in which they were found. All cosmetic appearances or final finishes are not covered in most removal fees. There are additional travel fees for removals outside our twenty-five mile radius. 

**Make sure your workers are insured.


The Long Course - Become a Beekeeper

This class is not currently offered.


Need help with maintaining your bee hives? We can provide maintenance services on a per visit basis or by the year.

We love talking about bees! Let us know what's happening with bees in your area.

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